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Guide to Dissertation Writing  

Dissertation writing is the most complex, longest, and most important academic project you have ever faced. You cannot stop thinking that you’re one step away from adding those PhD letters proudly in front of your name, but that one step usually turns out more complicated than anyone anticipates. For this lengthy formal document, you will have to think of a unique thesis that hasn’t been elaborated before and find a way to defend it with an authoritative discussion.

Your completed dissertation will be the culmination of thousands of hours you spent in studying, researching, thinking, and writing. It will represent the value of your effort during the years of education, so it’s normal for this process to be characterized with high levels of stress. In the continuation of this article, we will provide you with some efficient tips that will enable you to tackle this challenge with greater confidence.


1. Define the purpose

The first thing you need to do is identify the purpose of your dissertation. Although it should reflect the goals and standards that are characteristic for dissertations in your academic field, it also needs to represent your own interests and prepare you for the career goals you’ve decided to pursue.

The dissertation should show that you are able to identify, define, and elaborate the problems associated to your area of study, draw hypotheses and specific questions, use relevant sources and discuss them, apply specific research methods, show ability for evidence analyzing and discussion, produce results that will be worthy of publishing, and show skills of coherent and critical writing.

All these tips seem complicated, but they become even more complex when you decide to implement them into practice. Take a moment to step back and think about the entire process before you face the challenge directly.

2. Pay attention to the separate phases of the process

A dissertation can only be successful if you approach the process step by step and pay attention to each separate phase. You should start thinking about the topic as soon as you start attending the PhD program. The subjects you find particularly interesting will give you enough material to come up with a unique thesis you will enjoy elaborating. Your advisor can provide you with invaluable dissertation writing help, so educate your ego to accept critiques if you want the dissertation to result with success. Don’t be shy about consulting your advisor whenever necessary and ask for feedback on your progress.

The purpose of your dissertation is to support a hypothesis or a theory. There are two principles the doctoral committee will ask to be satisfied: significance and originality. In order to be significant, the project should make a valuable contribution to your field, discipline, or the society as a whole. The content should be publishable and useful. The principle of originality means that you need to develop a unique point of view in order to add to the knowledge in your discipline. You should offer a new perspective, but you can also borrow a significant contribution from another field and apply it into your area as something that has never been done before. Your advisor will clarify what you are expected to provide in terms of originality.

3. The writing process

Impeccable academic writing style is essential for the success of your dissertation. Although excellent writing cannot compensate for the lack of original concepts and ideas, even the best ideas and discussion cannot compensate for bad writing. The conclusion is clear: you should not only consider the quality and significance of your thesis, but the organization and writing style of your project as well. You should be able to elaborate your ideas in a way that will engage the reader, and clearly explain your findings and standings.

The high level of quality should be kept consistent within the entire dissertation. The committee will have high expectations of your project, so it is very important to pay attention to each component of your dissertation and edit until necessary. Achieving excellence in writing isn’t something that comes overnight, but the years you’ve spent in academic work and training have probably prepared you to write compelling content for your dissertation.

The writing style is the part where most PhD candidates struggle. They can think of amazing thesis and unique points of discussion, but have difficulties expressing them through the rigid form of academic style. Developing professional-level writing skills is harder than most people imagine, which is why the popularity of dissertation writing services is constantly increasing.

Our dissertation writing service can provide you with the help you need. Our writers have already completed their PhD and know exactly what your committee expects you to achieve. We will assign you a writer who has achieved the PhD status in your discipline, so you can be certain that we won’t deliver anything less than perfection. The ability to communicate and consult your writer throughout the process will make this project a joint effort that will express your own ideas and points of view, but with the academic language your dissertation deserves.

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