The percentage of satisfied customers at is our greatest pride. We have hired the best academic writers in the industry and they are always doing their best to satisfy your requirements, but in case the paper we deliver doesn’t meet your exact expectations, we will be more than happy to provide revisions according to our revision policy.


  1. Your revision instructions mustn’t be contradictory to your initial instructions for the paper. Your complaints will be reviewed by our Quality Assurance Department. In case your original requirements have been satisfied by the provided content, your request for free revisions will be denied.
  2. You can submit your request for revisions by using the “Send for revision” option available in your personal account. We advise you to check the content of your paper and use that option before you approve it, but we also give you the right to ask for revisions within 7 or 14 days after you’ve clicked the approval button.
  3. You can ask for free revisions at any time before you approve the content of the delivered paper. This is why we encourage you to read and evaluate its quality and make sure it’s what you need before you click the “Approve” button. If you encounter technical problems that prevent you from seeing the paper in preview mode, make sure to get in touch with our customer support and require the preview to be provided in a different format. If the paper doesn’t exceed 20 pages, we allow you to ask for revisions within 7 days after you approve it. In case the paper is longer than 20 pages, you can ask for it to be revised within 14 days after you approve it.
  4. You can ask for as many revisions as needed until your initial requirements and our standards of quality are met.

If our Quality Assurance Department finds that your revision requests aren’t in compliance with the terms mentioned above, you can make a new order and provide detailed instructions about all changes your paper needs.

The most important thing to remember is that the time for revision requirements is limited after you approve the paper – 7 days for papers shorter than 20 pages and 14 days for papers longer than 20 pages. You will not be entitled to free revisions after this deadline.

If your requirements for revisions include additional guidelines different from the ones you provided when you initially placed the order, we will charge a fee for re-writing according to the complexity of the changes you require. You can contact our customer support team at any time to ask for an estimation of the price in such case.

Our company appreciates your needs and we always do our best to satisfy your requirements. If the reason for your dissatisfaction is our fault, we guarantee to fix the issue without requiring additional payments. However, if your revision request doesn’t comply with our free revision policy, your request will be denied and you will be able to place a new order with your additional requirements.