General Information about USessay.com

How does your custom writing service work?

Everything is easy and simple when you order a paper from us.

First you complete the order form and provide all needed information about your project, and we find the most suitable writer from our team to complete it.

The writer starts with a thorough research of reputable sources and completes the paper in a timely manner. Your document will be ready before the deadline you determine, and we will inform you when it’s available for download from your personal account at our website.

You will be able to contact your writer and our customer service representatives for any information you need during the process. 

What makes you different from other custom writing companies?

When you place an order at our website, your paper will be written by a native English writer with extensive academic background and training in academic writing.

We guarantee that you will receive 100% unique paper written according to the highest standards of quality.

Your specific requirements will be taken into consideration and you will receive a custom-tailored paper that will satisfy your professor’s demands. 

Is the Evaluation service free?

The Evaluation feature of our website enables you to get our feedback on the requirements of your assignment. If you aren’t sure that we can deliver what you want, we encourage you to use this feature – it is completely free and you won’t be required to pay anything until you’re sure you want to order from us. 

Can I monitor the progress of my order?

Absolutely, and we encourage you to do so. You can use your personal profile on our website and check the automatic updates on the current status of the paper you ordered. If you need any type of additional information during the progress of your order, you can feel free to contact us and a customer service representative will immediately answer your questions.

Our Writers

Can the writer work according to materials of my choice?

Yes, you can provide any additional materials or resources and the assigned writer will follow your guidelines. If you started the paper but were unable to finish it, your writer can continue your work and adjust the writing style to fit into the content you’ve already completed. The entire paper will be polished to perfection. You can also upload book abstract, drafts or outlines – whatever you have ready and you want to be included in the project. 

How will you assign my writer?

When you place an order at our website, we will take its requirements into consideration and find the most appropriate writer (in terms of educational background and experience) to complete it. If you order a geography paper, for instance, it will be written by an expert who has graduated in that field of study. If your professor assigned you an essay on Dostoevsky’s Brothers Karamazov, you don’t have to be afraid about it being too complicated – our literature experts have the knowledge and skills to complete any project of this field.

Our team of writers is consisted of experts from all academic areas, so we assure you that we will find a knowledgeable writer to complete your paper no matter what its topic is. 

Can I contact my writer?

Absolutely! Your writer will be available to answer all your questions during the progress of your order, and you can use this opportunity to work together with him and learn how academic papers are written by real experts. You can use the messaging system to send any additional instructions to your writer, as well as notes about the ideas you have. 

Our Guarantees

Can you guarantee my satisfaction as a customer?

Yes, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means that you can demand free revisions within the period of 15 days after the delivery of your paper in case you are not completely satisfied with its content. We allow a longer period of 30 days for theses and dissertations, since they require more attention and evaluation. Your satisfaction as a customer is our main goal, and the high rate of returning customers to our website proves that we do a great job in achieving it.

If you end up being unsatisfied, you can ask for a refund within 3 days after we deliver the paper, and we will give your money back. 

Is your service safe?

We have implemented highest security standards on our website. We guarantee that your personal information will be safe with us and nothing will be shared to any third parties, including the writer of your paper. No one will ever know you placed an order from us if you’re not the one revealing that information. 

Will you deliver my paper on time?

We absolutely guarantee that your deadline will be met. We respect your requirements and understand the importance of deadlines for academic assignments. Make sure to provide correct information regarding your deadline during the ordering procedure, so you won’t give difficulties to us and your writer by changing your requirements.