5 paragraph essay example

January 21, 2014 - Posted to Examples

5 Paragraph Essay Example

The way to structure an argument is essential in any writing. It really counts if one is able to build their arguments conclusively by chronologically coming up with the five paragraph essay example that helps one meet the expected results, when it comes to making a proper kind of writing one needs to make sure that there is a flow of ideas and a strong thesis statements in their argument. This helps the writer capture the essential objectives of their writing and for the reader to fine the ideas confiding with what they know and believe in. this is why following the 5 paragraph essay example is essential as it helps one to capture the essential bits in their writing, meet the objectives of what they would like to write and in a simple way be in a position of expressing their ideas in a way the reader can follow.

The Introduction Part

This is where the writer introduces the essay, explains the topic and gives the reader an impression of whether this will be an interesting read or not. This is out of the fact that how the writer introduces the essay shows their creativity and wittiness in writing. The reader is captivated by the way the writer introduces himself if and only if the writer is able to keep to their objectives in writing and approach the topic from a wide perspective.  The example of a 5 paragraph essay also helps the writer to make their thesis statement at the introduction part of their writing. This helps them achieve the objective of explaining what their writing is all about in a few sentences.

The Body

This is where the main argument of the writing is based on. The writer therefore makes the arguments by supporting their ideas with facts they have collected, research findings of what other people have worked on and examples that make their writing relevant. This therefore makes their writing unique and persuasive as well as attractive to read. The writer is therefore persuaded to make supportive arguments in their writing that is in line with their main objective of their argument. The 5 paragraph essay examples have three supportive points at this point of the argument. The three points are the strongest possible arguments that the writer can use in their writing and re properly supported by all the arguments that can be used in favor of the objectives that the writer hopes to achieve.

The Conclusion

This is the closing argument that the writer uses in their essay. The conclusion is normally a summary of what the essay was all about. At this point the writer is not aiming to develop any more ideas in support of their points but rather to make firm what they have already discussed. What matters at this point is being able to make a strong support on the thesis statement and the body of the writing as a whole. Therefore the writer may mention the key points in brief in their conclusion statement. 

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