500 Word Essay

January 01, 2014 - Posted to Essay types

500 Word Essay

What Is Expected

When you are asked to come up with a 500 word essay, it is important for you to take care of some given guidelines. This particular writing normal entails coming up with an essay that cuts across the set objectives but also limiting the student to the given number of words in their writing. Therefore before one can embark on coming up with the essay, one should consider a few things that can help one to achieve their given objectives. This simply means that one should plan carefully on what they are going to write and sit on the facts in order to come up with the best writing that one is expected to come up with. This prevents an incidence where one has written up to 645 words and then you realize that you have to re-write the work and cut down your sentences or even an incidence where one has to run out of words at 400 words and one has to think of other ideas to build up their arguments.

How to Write the Essay

There are important facts that one should take into consideration when coming up with a 500 words essay, the most important ones include:

  1. Choosing the right topic. In any given essay coming up with an appropriate topic is crucial. This is what makes the essay easy and enjoyable to write. When you choose the right topic for your work, you are able to save yourself a lot of trouble of having to look for additional points after running out of ideas. It also helps you come up with the interesting ideas that you need to make the essay interesting as it will be something you are familiar with.
  2. Work with a sample. Although many students would want to discard this as less important, working with a sample helps you know how to express your ideas in a similar way. Often in writing one may spend too much time explaining one thing and forget to express others or run out of space and words for other important points. This is why working with a sample is important. It helps you know what to write and just how much you need to say about a particular thing.
  3. Clearly present the issue under consideration. This is important when it comes to an objective kind of writing. This is where you take your time in explaining the expected objectives without beating about in the bush. You simply explain the issue at hand clearly and support your argument objectively.
  4. Count the words as you write. To avoid running out of ideas or writing too much then having to edit the work by cutting some of your writing, just count the words as you move on. When using a computer, it is easy as the words will count at the bottom of the page but if you result to handwriting, you will need to check on the number of words.
  5. Edit your work. This helps you come up with an error-free writing.

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