APA Essay Example

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APA essay example

What is an APA in full? Most people still do not have a clue what this is. However, it is very common to hear people talking about APA style of writing. APA in full means American Psychological Association. This therefore means APA format is American Psychological Association format of writing. It is normally used to cite several sites in the social sciences. APA has a unique format that tends to differ from all other formats of other papers. So when you are given a paper with a specified format, you should check this so as to ensure that you have the right format for your academic paper. You can check the APA essay example so as to be able to know what it is. These examples are so many in our site. You can just download one for your own good and to use as a reference.

General Guidelines of Writing Using APA Format

When writing using an APA format, the work should be typed on a standard sized paper, that is, A4 or a paper measuring 8.5” x 11”. The margin should be 1”. The font recommended is a times new roman font 12. This is since this font is legible and can be clearly seen. In your paper, the following should be included;

  • The running head, also known as page header. This should never exceed 50 characters. Spaces and punctuations are also counted as characters.
  • Page number
  • Title of your paper. This should be typed with capital papers.

Major Paper Sections

APA paper format should consist of the following four major components. These are the main things that will make it an APA style of writing. These include the four main components. These include the following

  • Title page
  • Abstract
  • Main body
  • References

Title Page

The title page is what appears on the very first page of the document. The title page should include the following; title of the paper, the name of the author and the institutional affiliation. The title of the document should not be more than 12 words in total. At the same time, there should be no abbreviation in the title. Each and every text in the title page should be double spaced. It should be written in both upper and lower case.


The abstract page should also have the page number. The word abstract should appear on the first page of the abstract page. The word should be in bold and center lined. The following things should be included in the abstract; 

  • Research topic
  • Research Question
  • Methods participants
  • Results
  • Data Analysis
  • Conclusions

The abstract should be between one hundred and fifty words to two hundred and fifty words. Keywords should be listed so as to help the researchers find the databases in the paper.

Main Body

Main body contains the main punts or contents for which the paper was written. Body is the main part of the paper and without it; it will not even qualify to be called an academic paper.


This includes the lists of the reference materials used in the paper. If you want to get a n APA format essay example just go to the relevant sites so as to get the online aid in that kind of academic paper.

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