APA Format

January 06, 2014 - Posted to Paper formats and styles


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Many people have the view that using APA format is complex and you have to be in possession of some special skills so as to be able to write it perfectly. However, all I can say to these individuals is that they are wrong with their views. Even though it might take a little more of your time, it is not that difficult. The most important thing is to follow instructions. This will make you to get high marks. One of the most important things one would do so as to come up with a superb paper is to do a thorough research. This will make you to be aware of the components to put in your APA paper format. When these components are put well, the message will be passed perfectly without situation whereby one is unable to interpret what is written. There are some things that ought to be included in the APA style paper. These things include the following

  • The introduction
  • The body
  • Conclusion and
  • Citations or references

You will realize that most of the academic papers done always include the above said things. These are the four main components of an APA style format. As you have noticed that most of the academic papers have all these four components, a clear question that emerges from here is that, if almost all papers written for academic purposes have all these components, then, what difference does APA writing style have that differentiate it from others? So as to answer this question, you have to get some APA style guide so as to help you with your academic papers.

However, there is one thing that each and every person must put in mind whenever writing any academic paper. This is the quality of an academic paper. This should also be ensured when working on your APA format writing. These four components are well known. However, we can give a brief explanation so as to make it clearer.


It is from the introduction that one should have an overall idea of what to expect in their academic paper. Introduction should be capturing and the reader should have the urge of reading more. If an APA format essay has all these qualities, you can be assured that it is perfectly written. An attention grabbing introduction can do magic to your academic paper.


Body is what contains the main points in the academic paper. This is where the theme of the APA paper should be realized. Just like any academic paper, body is the part that acts as an engine. I compare it with engine since its contents are the main reason why such a paper is written.


In the conclusion, the mentioned points can be summarized. In some cases, you will find a writer’s opinion clearly shown when you read the collusion. Here is where the writer summarizes whatever he or she has written about.


These are lists or reference materials. When writing an APA style paper, one has to do research. However it is important to mention where you have referenced from. This will enable you to come up with a superb paper.

Whenever writing these papers, it is very important to put a lot of emphasis on your grammar. It is your grammar that will help you express yourself so clearly. Grammar is so important. It will save your skin from being criticized harshly.

Apart from the mentioned things, there are also some important things in writing an APA style essay. These include the following;

  • Tittle Page- this should include the authors name, page header and the institutional affiliation
  • Abstract- the abstract is like an introduction. It contains the summery of the key points to be written in the main paper. It is important not to indent your writing.
  • Main Body; this is as described above. It contains the main points.
  • References; this is also explained above. It is a list of all the reference materials used to write the paper.

Each of the above steps should be followed and done correctly so as to end up with a high quality APA essay format which is acceptable in any writing level.