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January 03, 2014 - Posted to Assignment topics

Thinking about Argument Writing

There is nothing interesting as generating a topic which will have everyone’s adrenaline on the rise and leaves the brain cells clicking, given the fact that human beings have been arguing for eons. It is even more interesting if you are the one who has generated this kind of a topic. Now when it comes to the selection of an argument kind of a topic is not an easy task. Consider the following:

  1. The topic should somewhat be narrowed down in order to be compact.
  2. It should have in it some argument given the fact that you are bracing yourself for it.
  3. It should be a topic which will have adequate support through statistics as well as outside citations. Factual evidence is paramount here.

Disclaimer: Feelings cannot ion any way whatsoever be supported, for instance, I feel that writing in general is an uphill task. This is just a feeling with no statistical evidence and it would be hard to support it, or so it seems.

If as a writer you have enough supporting evidence in response to opposing views, you can go ahead to take up a challenging topic for that matter. Another thing to note is that all argument essay topics have pros and cons.

Arguing in a Paper

In as much as the debate would count, there is one thing that everyone must understand, by the mere virtue of being the writer, you are the one in charge of speaking and no one else. You hold the gavel, the microphone and the floor all at once. What matters in this case to you as a writer is your ability to allow others to voice their opinions, create an interior debate and maintain balance? In short, you have to be fair and reasonable. Remaining relevant all through the argument is also imperative. This should be achieved after going through every information that you intend to use in the argumentative essay.

When the Topic counts

In order to have a healthy kind of an argument, every writer must have good argumentative essay topics to choose from. But getting these topics can be challenge to some people. It will be important to be resourceful when it comes to argument writing. This way, you will be in a position to at least survive in here.

Argument Writing Topic Suggestions

  1. Higher learning students have the liberty to choose the course that they want to pursue
  2. The pillar of higher learning should be preparing the students for the job market
  3. College and university students should be given incentives to allow them to graduate in three years instead or four
  4. Any student caught with exam malpractice should be dismissed from campus
  5. There should be no penalties imposed on students who download music, movies as well as other protected content.
  6. Sportsmen found guilty of using performance enhancing drugs should not be inducted into the hall of fame
  7. Any criminal record free citizen should be allowed to possess a weapon
  8. Human being are becoming overly technology dependent
  9. Marijuana should be legalized
  10. Polygamy is quite acceptable and natural

If you can pick any of the suggested topics or any other that you might think will make adrenaline rise, go ahead and write about it.

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