Argumentative Essay

January 02, 2014 - Posted to Essay types

Definition and the Outline Involved in Argumentative Writing

 Different kinds of writing have different purposes. They also have their win way of writing which the students must understand and follow in order to arrive and achieve the intended goal as per the specifications of the instructor. From essays on the expository to descriptive writing, each one of them has their target audience and the intended message. But in this context, let’s focus on the argumentative kind of writing.


An argumentative essay refers to that kind of writing where we not only present information, but it is also a chance to factor ion pros and cons of an argumentative issue. In this case, the writer must take a stance on the issue at hand. This in simple terms translates that as a writer, you are targeting to sway an opposing view into your own belief. You get to persuade them t believe in your own school of thought.

Critical study

As a person or a student who wants to write argumentatively, you should in the first place take a critical look at an issue, weigh the options at hand and get to decide the side that you will fall for, so to speak. This means that you will have to find supporting information when it comes to your essay.

Following an outline

All that has to come into your paper must have been well thought of. In most cases, there are predefined formats and outlines which every writing has to follow.  Either way, it is for the purposes of achieving that great mark in every paper that one sits for. Argumentative writing has this aspect well catered for. Through argumentative essay outline, a student or any writer geared towards argumentative writing has an easy time putting down his ideas. Creating an outline here are very prudent moves which will help you organ using your thoughts. It’s simply some kind of an overview of the order and logic that your essay is going to follow.

Coming up with an outline for an argumentative essay

This is the wisest move that will aide you in your argument. But first, you need to do the following:

  1. Starting on Thesis

This happens to be the primary focus of the whole write up. The subsequent sentences should have supporting information with regard to your thesis. Remember that your thesis statement should have the ability to elicit strong reader’s response.

  1. Brainstorming

This is a chance for you to take into account any information which is related to your argument. Quotes from primary and secondary sources will suffice here.

  1. Grouping related ideas

Review all the idea that you have and group them according to how you want them to flow. Any argumentative kind of writing will have a logic flow of ideas.

Creating the Outline

When creating you’re won argumentative outline there are things you need go do. They include:

  1. Numbering with roman numerals

Every section should have the heading numbered using the roman numerals which in this case should be CAPITALIZED. The subheadings on their part should be numbered using the alphabets. When it comes to secondary subheadings, lowercase roman numerals should be used for labeling and as for the tertiary ones, lowercase alphabets should be the case.

  1. The introduction

When writing this, it should start in a manner which is general and should end in a manner which is specific.

  1. The Body

This is the ‘meat’ of your argument. It is where you argue accordingly giving out evidence in form of ideas and evidence.

  1. Conclusion

This is a very important part of the essay. A good conclusion should not provide a chance for further topic exploration, meaning that it should achieve a sense of closure.