Cause and Effect essay examples

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Cause and effect essay examples

A cause and effect essay is one of the simplest forms of academic writing students have to encounter. Its meaning is open and all the examiner requires is the cause and effect of an issue. Before writing a cause and effect essay example lets us look at how one develops it. The steps are very simple.

  1. Understand the meaning of the essay

Begin by asking yourself what the examiner and readers expect from your essay. After that choose a cause and effect topic you want to dwell on. Distinguish between the two words, cause and effect. To address the cause ask yourself why did this particular thing happen. To address the effect ask yourself what happened because of this.

Here is an example to show you the difference between the two.

  • Cause

I liked business studies in high school

  • Effect

I will pursue accounting

  1. Develop your thesis statement

Your thesis statement should either dwell on effects or causes. If you are explaining the two, thesis should inform readers.

  1. Find and organize your supporting details

Your supporting ideas should come in your body paragraphs. You should have good ideas to expound on. First pick on an organization you will use. A chronological organization is one way to structure your points. Present your points in the order of date and time periods.

Another method to organize your points is according to the order of importance. Arrange points from least to most important or vice versa. You may also structure your points into different categories.

  1. Use transitions words

Transition words help in the flow of your content. Readers are able to connect one paragraph to the next. Transition words avoid any form of confusion that may develop as the essay broadens.

  1. Focus on direct causes and effects

Limit yourself to direct and present causes and effects. Use supporting evidences to prove your points to the reader.

Examples of Cause and effect topics that students may find interesting

  • What are the causes and effect of the computer revolution?
  • Why is college drop out on high?
  • What are the effects of illiteracy?
  • What are the causes and effects of watching TV to juveniles?
  • Why are Teenagers fond of Junk Food?
  • Causes of Children Running Away from Home?
  • Causes of Alcohol Abuse in Teenagers?
  • Causes of Steady Rise in College Expenses
  • Why Do Some Roommates not get along?
  • Internet influence in kids

Cause and effect essay example

Causes of child obesity

Many of today’s kids find everything they need on their table. Technology today has made things very easy. With technology one can get everything he/she needs within a few seconds. If you want to enquire on a college you wish to enroll in, very simple. Log on to your computer and search for the college online. There you will get as much information while sitted in your bed. We can say that technology has made people forget about their physical health since everything is at their disposal. You only need a computer.

This has increased obesity in young children. Children would spend time watching TV and playing video games instead of going to a gym or running in the compound. Playing has also reduced kids prefer to play games while sitted.

The greatest killer is the fast foods. Kids on their lunch breaks or after school often congregate in these fast food outlets, consuming food and soft drinks that are high in sugar, carbohydrates, and fat. Many parents prefer to take their kids out to eat. Therefore setting an example kids will not find misleading.


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