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College admission essay examples

Every student after high school looks forward to joining his/her dream college. Students get filled with very many fantasies that drive them to work hard and attain that mark that will get them into the college. Just when they thought essay writing is over, a college admission essay awaits them. A college admission essay is part of the tests that should lead students to joining a university or college. It is from the college essays that students get into the best colleges.

In the pas decades the admissions board has complained a lot on college essays. Students do not take time to look into what they are writing. All they do is rush to finish and submit their papers hoping to be accepted by the respective colleges. Most of the college admission essays have failed to pass due to the boring and general nature they present themselves. Nothing is unique about them. Students have been called upon to develop a collage admission essay within their interests. The board can only spend its time on interesting and unique content.

What tells you a college admission essay is interesting?

The title is the first thing that crosses the board officer’s mind. It is therefore the determining factor to your acceptance or rejection to that college .A title speaks a lot. A reader can easily tell a boring title from an interesting one. Before submitting your paper look at the title it carries. An essay without a title will clearly shut your reader’s eyes. Since you have not provided a title, how will one know what the content is about?

The purpose of a title

A title is meant to grab your reader’s attention. Take a look at previous college admission essay examples, read the title and see how it has worked magic. The title is supposed to get your readers interested in your writing.

A title also provides hints on what your essay is about. It serves to shade more light into the readers. At least when reaching the body paragraphs, a reader will know exactly what to expect. Some of the good titles you can get by looking at college admission essays examples include:

  • The wrong goals
  • My misplaced priorities
  • The job I should have quit

Mistakes students make when choosing a title

Use of vague language

Most of the students start of with a title that is unclear. Such essays are not even paid attention to. The board officers do not have time to figure out what you mean. For instance, a bad experience: this is a title that is very unclear. Be precise what the experience is.

Broad titles

Students make a mistake in opting for a more general title. An interesting college admissions essay should have a specific title. This helps you to stick to the points.


Using a cliché as your title sends a message that you have nothing peculiar to write about. For instance, “burning the midnight oil”.


When a title is misspelled it gives a reader an impression that all your content is misspelled. Before submitting your essay, ensure all the spelling mistakes are not seen in your paper.

College admission essay introduction example

There are many challenges that our generation faces today: our nation is at war, there are people in our own country that go to bed hungry every night, many unemployed people and this spring, I will be lucky enough to graduate from one of the best high schools in the country, there are other students elsewhere in America who are also graduating, but just how many of us will get good jobs? 

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