College Application Essay

January 01, 2014 - Posted to Essay types

Getting It Right on Your College Application Essay

There are some aspects of a college application essay which most students will find better to avoid; this is especially if they intend to join their college of choice.  Unlike any other type of essays, this will let the lecturers form an image of whom any student is long before they are allowed to join the college. Most colleges will make it mandatory for students to write a college application essay that is used to supplement their grades and overall class performance.

How to go about a good college essay

Before one can commence on the writing of this college essays, they have to understand the bare importance that these have to them as students. This will improve the quality of their writing and get a seat for them in the college, even as if they have low scores.

  • A smart student will also know to not digress as they write their essay, the trick to learning how to start a college application essay is to understand   the content long before you commence the writing and this will keep you on track in regard to the subject.
  • As you try to get the admissions officer excited about you, ensure to reduce the use of the first person “I”, this will ensure that your essay is not in any way repetitive and boring to the reader.
  • It is also important to note that clichés are not to be placed anywhere in a college admission essay, this means that any student should resist the temptation of having to insert them, they make your essay a lot tedious to learn and can expose one to some silly mistakes.
  • One must also ensure that they do not engage too much of the passive, if the reader gets that one is too attached to the past, they are likely to get bored which might just undo what one hopes to achieve.
  • One must ensure that they are not at all vague and must be precise with what they mean at all times, to avoid your essay being rejected, be clear about what you are talking about and be the specific to the last detail, it informs the reader that you know what you are talking about and puts you ahead of the pile.
  • One should avoid being too wordy and repetitive, this means that they will only write the content that should be on the essay for it to be effective, it would also ensure that their essay is not at all engaging.
  • You should ensure that your essay contains strong verbs, active verbs and not adjectives or adverbs that ruin the readers experience; it also portrays one as being active.

It does not matter how many college application essay tips  a student goes through, one must learn to introduce themselves as being the best suited for a slot in any college,  using active verbs will inform the reader that you are generally a participant as well as you are engaged. Most academic institutions also want student who are all round but the most important thing for one to do is to portray their individual personalities.

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