Compare and Contrast Essay Examples

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Compare and Contrast Writing

Are you having the usual glitches associated with comparing and contrasting two scenarios or issues in your write ups? Well, there is no prerequisite to panic when you have our compare and contrast page and the best essay writing service here. You will get the opportunity to have the best writing essay tips for your classwork essay in the recommended standards.

In as far as a compare contrast essay example is concerned; there is a distinction between the two words. Firstly, comparison refers to the similarities that exist between two or more ideas or things. Contrast on its part serves to indicate the difference between two or more things. But without the use of imagination, especially in the use of transitions, compare and contrast essay can be very dull. There are diverse ways which one can use as examples of compare and contrast essays depending on the kind of topics that one has in mind.

When Contrasting

If you pay attention to many compare contrast essay examples, you will find that if it is a matter of contrast, there is little comparison. This means that the write up will focus on the differences that exist between two subjects you are dealing with. For instance, in outlining the differences between cats and dogs, comparison should not be a major component of the write up even though comparison has to be somewhat acknowledged in a contrast heavy paper. This means that a paragraph or two will suffice. In most compare and contrast essays examples, the comparison component comes in the first paragraph just before the ‘Meat’ of the thesis, so to speak.

When Comparing

When the center of focus in a paper becomes comparison, there is a different approach to take. If in any case you want to take the similarities between cats and dogs, you should focus on their and at the same time, pay attention and acknowledge the contrast aspect and shift back to the similarity part of your write up. This will be very much easier if you get as many compare and contrast essay examples as possible.

Organization of Ideas in Compare and Contrast Writing

There is more that goes beyond determining an emphasis on similarities and differences. This extends to the decisions on how you are going to present the ideas at hand. There is a chance to explore and exhaust one side completely and embark on the other. Furthermore, there is a chance where as a writer you can use a point-by-point, where by you sub categorizes items.

  1. The Point-by-point Approach

This is where you decide to take comparisons and contrasts of the write up in each and every point. Having a well written compare and contrast essay example will be very helpful when it comes to this approach. Understand that:

  • Every paragraph that you put down should have a topic sentence indicating the main ideas of the paragraphs
  • Each paragraph should have some cursory comparisons
  • The contrast that you give in each paragraph should serve to prove the idea of your topic sentence.
  • The Block-by-Block Approach

In this case, one might have the feeling that one system is outdoing the other in every category that the details rob form the conclusion. This is where the block-by-block approach comes in. there are several or more compare and contrast essay examples college has to offer if need be. This means that there is no problem when consulting for this kind of writing. But there are risks involved when it comes to block-by-block approach. They include:

  1. You may assume that you are crystal clear when it comes to comparisons and contrast within your paper, but with the reader this might not be the case.
  2. When in search of clarity, you may find repeated information because you might have need quite a massive ground cover thus rewriting what you had already written.
  3. What you need to do is to weigh the risks and what you intend to accomplish with your thesis.

Watch this out

  1. You need to acknowledge contrast in a paper which comparison dominates and vice versa. This can be achieved through the use of an example compare and contrast essay in times when you are not sure of what you intend to do.
  2. Make sure that your transitions are not in any way repetitive, weak or they are missing
  3. You should at least choose an example of compare and contrast essay which best suits your purpose. This will help in knowing the best way to discuss your main thesis.

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