Definition Essay Examples

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Definition essay examples

A definition essay is a writing that explains a meaning of a term. Students find a definition essay very interesting. Most of them think a definition essay will only take a few sentence and you are done. The challenge comes when one is required to choose a word to define. Some words have only one meaning while others are vast. How do you write an essay with a word that has only one meaning? It will definitely be challenging. Therefore one has to be keen in choosing the appropriate words to define.


How to present a good definition essay example

  • Tell readers the word you are defining.
  • Present a clear and basic definition.
  • Use examples that will help readers understand the meaning of the word defined.

Choosing a definition

The word you choose will determine the relevancy of your essay. It is important that you choose the word to define keenly. Ensure you understand the term and are able to define it using your own words. After drafting a meaning ,look up the dictionary. Read the dictionary meaning to see if it relates with your own meaning. Using both meanings, rewrite using your own words.

Another thing is the limitation of the word you intend to define. For instance, love is a word that can make a very good definition essay. It provides you with types of love that you can expound on. Therefore when writing on love, limit yourself to the types. One may write on platonic love, unconditional love or romantic love.

How to write an effective definition essay

Provide a good thesis that tells the reader how you will define your word. Some of the methods you may use in defining include: by function, structure or analysis.

  • By function explain what something does and how it works.
  • By structure write how something is organized.
  • By analysis, compare how that particular word is different from the other words in its class.

Use genuine and understandable facts to support your points. This is done by using real life experiences and examples to help readers understand the definition better.

Use good transitions to link up your paragraphs

Write a good conclusion that restates the definition. Your conclusion should also leave your audience still thinking about your essay.

Here is a list of words that make good examples of definition essays

  • Evil
  • Love
  • Beauty
  • Optimisms
  • Ambition
  • Respect
  • Humor

If you are writing an essay for the very first time, a definition essay example will help you write better. One example of a definition essay will help you develop more good essays daily. You do not have to worry about a word that is new; you have the skills and the dictionary too.

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