Descriptive Essay Example

January 20, 2014 - Posted to Examples

Demystifying Descriptive Writing

Of all the types of essays, descriptive ones are those that engage the vivid memory of the writer. They are in most cases meant to involve the reader from the first letter to the last dot of a full stop. As in the case with one descriptive essay example that one may come across, the reader or the student who wishes to become a good writer will notice that these write ups achieve their effect through descriptions which are structured creatively and stem from observations. Furthermore, hey do not necessarily have to use facts and statistics. There are things that one must understand in so far as descriptive writing is concerned.

What’s the Target of Your Description?

In most cases, descriptive essays will focus on one thing or the other. To get started, it is imperative that one identifies what he or she wants to write about and this time round; write it in a manner that paints a real-life-like picture of the situation at hand. Any example of a descriptive essay can focus to portray any of the under listed entities.

  • Places
  • People
  • An experience
  • An object
  • A memory

In any cases, whatever falls under your perception or experience can be the subject of your descriptive writing.

How to write your Description

Despite the example of descriptive essay that you use, there are ways through which you can creatively describe what you want to focus one. Primarily, it’s all about show and don’t tell. The outstanding difference between the show and don’t tell is that showing helps the reader in experiencing something or imagine about the latter. This forms the most effective form of descriptive writing.

The Five Senses

In order to create a vivid experience for your readers, you should at least focus on the five senses which are:

  • Sight
  • Touch
  • Smell
  • Sound
  • Taste

Focusing on these senses helps you as a writer in showing the readers rather than telling them.

Descriptive Writing Tips

Irrespective of the descriptive essay examples that you might come across, there are things and in this context tips on how best you can engage in descriptive so far as its writing process is concerned, it is important to note that many would find it kind of complicated but in real sense, it is a rewarding writing experience. Here are the quick tips.

1. Plan your essay

As in the case with descriptive essays examples, a writer need to plan on what he is going to write about. Another thing to take into account is the reason that you want to write your descriptive essays. You should also identi8fy the qualities that you really want to focus on.

2. Make a draft of your essay

This is where the five senses come into play. Ask yourself about the details you will include in order creating a vivid impression on your reader. The sights, tastes, smells, touches as well as sounds should be taken into account while developing your description

3 .Revise your descriptive essay

At this point, you need to establish if you have provided enough details of your descriptive writing to your readers. Find out if you have achieved the purpose that you want your readers to gain full and vivid perception. There is also the need to know if you have omitted minor yet vital details and even so, if you have used words that convey your perception as well as emotions. The examples of descriptive essays that you get may be useful in knowing more about this kind of writing where creativity counts very much.