How to write a 5 paragraph essay

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How to write a five paragraph essay

Essays are part of education right from middle school up to the university. Essays scare many students in college. It is the writing that tends to be a challenge for most college students. The ideas that wallow in students mind are great, but just how do they represent them on paper? Putting the ideas into well structured paragraphs is therefore the main problem. To address these issues and let students enjoy essay writing, here are the best guidelines on how to write a 5 paragraph essay.

The introduction paragraph

This is the first paragraph of your essay. It therefore determines whether your readers will read your essay or throw it to the bin. Your first paragraph should be catchy and able to grab the attention of your readers. Begin with a question that is for instance connected with your title. “Why have hackers managed to get into government most protected files”? Such a question will give the readers an idea on what your essay is about.

The thesis statement

Every introduction has a thesis statement. it is a statement that you use throughout your essay. Your points in the three bodied paragraph are contained in your thesis statement.

The body

This element contains three paragraphs. Using your thesis statement you are required to expound on each point further for instance, patty’s pizza place is the best in town: the spices, cool environment and great music make it on top of the list. Therefore your first paragraph should base on the spices used to make the pizza. The second body paragraph should base on the cool environment. The last paragraph in the body section should dwell on the great music at the restaurant. Throughout these paragraphs your thesis statement has been used perfectly. Provide examples and evidence to support your points.

Most students make mistakes when it comes to a thesis statement. Some writers pick on good thesis statement but fail to discuss it in their essays.

The conclusion

This is the fifth paragraph in your essay. Remind your readers the thesis statement. Give a summary of the points you discussed without adding any new information. Finish with strong remarks that will leave the readers thinking about patty’s restaurant.

Key pointers to note

  • Stating opinions directly is not allowed

“I hope my essay helps you to stop using drugs”

  • Use transitional words between your paragraphs. Transitions help in the flow of an essay.
  • Brainstorm on the title of your essay before writing
  • Use a draft to help you come up with the final copy
  • Revise and proofread thoroughly your essay. Look out for grammatical errors, sentence structure and spelling mistakes

Good grades will be obtained by using this five paragraph essay format.