How to write a college essay

January 07, 2014 - Posted to How to

How to write a college essay

College essays can be demanding at times. They take away your oomph and time too. This is why our page is dedicated to your tailored needs. If you want to present an excellent essay that will earn you prodigious grades, then you have us to consult. Our team of experienced writers will be more than blissful to guide you through the whole writing process

College life is not all about the fun and freedom students think it is. It comes with its responsibilities that students should focus on. The most boring activity as students call it is essay writing. Balancing the curricular activities and the academics has become a challenge for most students. However here are tips that can help you balance your academics and social life.

  • Start early

Are you wondering how to start your college essay? Start early. Beginning your college essay early has lots of advantages. One, you will not omit important information, you will have all the time to research and write with no rush and finally you will get good grades. Unlike other students you will not have any pressure when submitting your essay.

  • Do not pretend

Most students assume the admissions board is looking for very perfect students. Sticking to a misleading assumption they tend to exaggerate on their interests. Pretence is one way that the admission officers will throw our essay to the bin. Be yourself and write about your real interests. As much as they can be crazy, just be yourself. Most of the officers find this interesting and are able to judge by your honesty.

  • Do not take shortcuts

Students think that by using a shortcut they will succeed. Some of the shortcuts students go for are using another person’s work. Copy pasting an essay and posing it as yours will only lead to serious consequences. The admissions board knows when content has been duplicated or when it is original just begin early and write your own paper.

  • Take a risk

The admissions board is always angry with reading similar essays every day. And to think that they read a million essays every year is even worse. How do they rank the best students? Students do not write bad essays but they write similar essays. This means the problem is not writing but the quality of uniqueness is poor. Try to be different and write something that even the officers have never thought of.

  • Focus

Write an essay telling the admission officers why they should give you deserve a chance. The length of your paper will not gain you admission. Do not list all your achievements to please the board. Simply give reasons why with few achievements you have become skilled.

  • Write and rewrite

Do not scratch your head thinking on how you will start your essay. Write ideas that come quickly to your mind. Do not worry about the flow. Many students struggle coming up with good ideas because they fear writing what is in their minds the exact time. Take a break.

After a few days take that piece of paper and organize your ideas. This is your first draft. You will notice that your first draft is skinny. It needs some flesh to make your essay complete. Use the first draft to modify your second draft. Do this by carrying about a research on your topic and get more information.

  • Seek a second opinion

Since you have been handling your work, it is very difficult to note your own mistakes. Consult a senior student or a friend and let him or her go through your essay. The second person will be able to note areas that are irrelevant and weak. Correct such mistakes and modify your paper.

  • Proofread

Read your paper several times aloud. As you read you will identify areas that do not connect and flow. Get rid of these errors along with spelling mistakes.

  • Maintain accuracy

This is your only opportunity to enroll into your dream university. Do not make mistakes during the last minute, use a formal and professional language. Avoid slung and abbreviations.

  • Do not anticipate for too much

Do your part and write a good essay as you can. Do not concentrate on finding out if you have followed all the rules or what if you get disqualified.

The following tips will guide you on how to write college essays. It is just a matter of time and your juniors will begin to consult from you.