How to write a descriptive essay

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How to write a descriptive essay

A good descriptive essay will give our reader a clear picture of what you are describing. The main thing a writer needs to concentrate on is describing vividly an object, subject, movie, book among other things. Your readers when asked about the movie should be able to tell the whole story. That is what a good descriptive essay is all about.

Consider the following things when writing a descriptive essay

  • An instance to describe

Do not jump into writing on anything. Think of what instance to write about, it can be a bad one or a good one .The most important thing is for you to identify what you are describing.

  • Why is this particular instance important?

There are certain things that people never forget no matter what. Why do people attach so much into these moments? This is a question you should answer before beginning to write. Do you attach any importance to that event and why?

  • What were you doing?

Consider your purpose in such an instance. Remember your readers need to know everything. In an instance you choose make sure you were involved and what were you doing?

  • What was happening around you?

Apart from you being there, what other events took place? Is there anything special that happened during that time?

  • How did the surrounding remind you of such an instance?

You will not wake up one morning and just decide to write on something. There must be something special that happened to remind you of that instance.

  • Has there been any instance that made you feel this before?

If yes, state the instance.

  • What do you want the reader to feel after reading the paper?

This question will help you answer the purpose of your writing.

  • What types of words can convey this feeling

After identify the instance to write on, choose specific words to use. If the instance makes you smile, use words that make people get filled with joy even when sad.

  • Do you have enough details in your essay that will create a mental image for the readers?

Think carefully before you write descriptive essays that will leave your readers blank.

Conventions of descriptive essays

Appealing-to-the-senses description

Write a descriptive essay that your readers will see, smell, hear, taste and feel. This is achieved by using words that can prompt the reader to picture in their minds.

Spatial-order description

This description is aimed at showing the reader where and how things are located from a writer’s point of view. For instance, Samantha’s scrap metal shop looked like a den of lion.