How to write a narrative essay

January 07, 2014 - Posted to How to

How to write a narrative essay

A narrative essay is one of the simplest forms of writing. It does not require much thought to it. A narrative essay has given students a reason to finally smile. In this essay students are only to narrate a story. It is a narration of a life event, a story or a personal experience. The writer is required to recount the events that took place sometime back, just like telling a story. A narrative essay serves two aims, entertainment and informative. Just like a story a narrative essay can be used to entertain or inform your audience what they did not know.

Here are steps to guide you on how to write narrative essay:


Define the purpose of your narration. A narrative purpose serves two purposes, entertainment or informative.


Establish the context you will use t present your narration .when narrating events you can use the context of where when, who, what.

Point of view

A narration is written using the first person and the third person. Do not use the second person since you will be referring to your readers. When narrating your life experience, the first person is the most appropriate to use. When writing to inform, the third person is appropriate.

Be thorough

A narrative essay does not need a research that will make you tired and annoyed.  Exhaust your energy and provide anything relevant for your readers. When writing to inform you stick to the details and facts that are valuable.


When organizing your narrative pick a pattern t use. You might choose to follow a chronological order. When writing to inform begin with the main points then finish with the weak ones. However it is important that you maintain tense uniformity. When narrating a story begin on the first events then finish with the last.

The introduction

Your introduction dwells on the context. It tells the readers on what, where and why. Remember a thesis statement comes as the last sentence of your introduction paragraph. This is where you should state the purpose of your essay.

Body paragraphs

Provide a detailed description of the events you recount. If it is a story you should tell out everything for your readers to take in everything and read up to the last point. Maintain the tense when narrating.

The conclusion

Give the point that you want your readers to get. It might be a lesson learned from the events narrated.