How to write a scholarship essay

January 07, 2014 - Posted to How to

How to write a scholarship essay

Getting a scholarship is a dream come true for many students. The fact that few people manage to get a scholarship discourages students from working hard. When seeking a scholarship you have to prove a reason as to why you should be granted and not the next students behind you. You need to prove yourself as much as the task could be tiring and very difficult. The only way of doing this is through a scholarship essay. A million people are writing this essay, you have to motivate yourself to be able to stand out from the rest.

While others may not be good writers, writing a scholarship essay may just be next to impossible. However there is nothing extraordinary with the students who manage to get the scholarships at the end of the day. The only unique feature that gets them a scholarship is their presentation of personality. The readers identify a student through a piece of writing.

How to write scholarship essays

Identify your audience

Do not be in a rush to write an essay. You might just write to the wrong audience. Take time and find out what type of audience will be reading your scholarship. Get your scholarship application keenly and read the questions. From the questions you will get an idea of what is expected by your audience. Are they looking for a community development applicant? What of your academic performance do they need an average student or an extremely smart one? These questions will help you provide the right answers to the right audience.

Start early

An essay planned for in advance will gain you a distinction automatically. After receiving your application, do a thorough research on the questions. As you research note down points to include in your scholarship. Come up with the introduction to use during your research. Make a draft that will help you identify areas that you still need to look out for. The research you did will help you add some information after answering the application questions.

Make it personal

The difference between the top student and the last is the level of personality they portray in an essay. For your essay to be accepted express the activities with a more personal and passionate touch. For instance, if you were a volunteer at the disaster management center: inform your audience how the attack of floods led you to work for that department. It is a matter of laying down your interests and bringing the audience to understand reasons why you do them.

Use an editor

Once your scholarship essay is done, find a good editor. You might be too blind to see your own mistakes. Consult a professional editor to go through your work. As for them they do not need to read the whole paper to note mistakes. A professional easily notices a mistake and seeks to correct it. Do your part and read your essay aloud. Check if it flows and that the structure is perfect.

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