How to write an analytical essay

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How to write an analytical essay

An analytical essay requires a deep analysis of a certain subject. In college students are asked to analyze reports, novels, and poems among others. The essay is centered on a certain literary work. The most important aspect that students fail to do is to understand what they are analyzing. If you fail to understand then your analytical essay is something else.

Here are some points you need to note on how to write a analytical essay

  • Study and understand the literary work assigned to you
  • Find out the purpose of your analytical essay and what you want readers to get
  • Focus on your purpose and give the right answers to the readers

Thesis statement

After understanding what is required for you, thesis statement should be essaying to come up with. A thesis statement is the main idea you have drafted to use in your analytical essay. A thesis statement will determine whether your readers will agree with your opinion or not. It is therefore important to understand a literary work that you will be writing on.

Important things to note about a thesis statement

  • This is the main focus within your analytical essay
  • It must be stated in your introductory paragraph
  • A thesis statement is not built on facts but your own personal opinion
  • It is the last sentence in your introduction paragraph
  • It should give the readers a clue

Structure of an analytical essay

The introduction

This is the first part your readers focus on. Your introduction should give the readers an idea of what your analytical essay is about. It should contain the author of the poem you are analyzing. The next thing readers need to know is the author and the background information about the poem or novel. The thesis statement should come as the last sentence.

The body

This is where you give detailed information to the readers. The information should be written in three paragraphs but it is not a must. At this point give your readers the answers to the question. Relate your points to your thesis statement. Support your points using quotations from the book and other descriptions. Provide examples that agree with your thesis statement. Generally you should prove your thesis statement from the examples and other evidence you present.

The conclusion

This is the final paragraph of your analytical essay. In your conclusion give a summary of your thesis statement and the points you have presented. Leave your readers with something to think about.