How to write an argumentative essay

January 08, 2014 - Posted to How to

How to write an argumentative essay

Some call it a persuasive essay, an argumentative essay is one of the most interesting and involving form of writing. Argumentative topics have gained different thoughts throughout the world. Therefore when writing you are required to argue your points out and convince your readers to cross to your side. Here are guides to use when writing a argumentative essay that can change your reader’s opinions.

  1. Choose your topic

Topics speak louder in an essay. A good choice of your essay topic can earn you good grades. It therefore plays a role in your academic writing. For an argumentative essay, the topic you choose should be the best and appropriate. Unlike other essay topics, here is the criterion to use when choosing an argumentative essay topic.

  1. Your topic must be arguable

As the term suggests an argumentative essay should be debatable. The topic you choose should provide you with both the positive and negative sides. But we understand that what is negative to one person may seem just okay to another. Your topic should present the proposition and the opposition side.

  1. Pick a topic based on relevancy

An argument does not arise from nowhere, there must be two groups trying to prove themselves. Pick on a relevant topic that people are everyday talking about. For instance, politics is a daily event that people never miss to talk about.

  1. Choose an interesting topic

You have to invest your time in something that you enjoy. Your readers are anticipating for something new and fun. When writing on something that interests you, automatically you will look forward to writing it every time.

  1. Narrow your topic

Do not write on a general topic. It becomes boring and research too becomes overwhelming. Narrow your topic and concentrate on a specific section. For instance, domestic violence in Africa, this is a general topic since Africa has many countries that encounter domestic violence. Narrow your topic into: domestic violence in Kenya.

  1. Analyze your audience

Find out the type of readers you will be addressing. What kind of people are they and what are their expectations? Write an argumentative essay that they need to read and satisfy their purpose.

  1. Research comprehensively

Currently there are many research resources that are at student’s disposal. The internet has very useful articles that students can use on their essays. However the best sources are the legitimate educational sites online. Check the online database and see if you will find information within your subject of topic. Visit your school library and get previous samples that have been written.

  1. Use strong evidence

This is an argumentative essay you are presenting; in order to win you have to provide strong evidence.

  1. Express your argument

Readers are looking out on how you present your argument. You should argue basing on facts and not your personal opinions. Do not concentrate on pleasing your audience. If you are proposing, present points with solid evidence.

  1. Dig deeper

To make your argument essay more interesting your information should be in details. Pick a topic that has rose many thoughts to people. Explore deeply into its positive and negative side.

  1. Have a pattern

Here are the following patterns that you can use to write an argument essay

  • Cause and effect pattern

Discuss the causes of an issue and why the issues are affecting people

  • Qualification

This is simply limiting your opinions to a yes or a no. what follows your answer is a strong reason.

  • Examination

This involves taking the opposition side and analyzing your points.

  • Proposing
  1. Revise

Revise and proofread your essay thoroughly. These simple mistakes could cost you a lot. Writing an argumentative essay is about finding the right topic and using strong evidence to back your points.