How to write an essay

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How to write an essay

Essay writing actually will never have an end. The task starts as early as from middle school up to the university. But what if you forge a career as a professional essay writer? Essay writing for such people is a life time event. Besides that when employed in future there are researches you need to conduct to be productive to the company. Research paper writing as part of essay writing is also practiced even in careers.

While others enjoy essays there is a group of students that would wish essay writing was banned from schools. They find the process tiring, annoying and just a challenge. How do I write an essay? Is the question that will haunt them. The fact that they have to present the assignment to the professor makes them sick. But the reality is that essays are here to stay.

What is an essay?

The definition of an essay is simple but students seem to make a big mountain out of it. It might just be the attitude that students have gained towards essay writing that makes it hard for them to handle essays. An essay is simply an academic form of writing about a subject or an object. Some of the questions that linger in students mind include

  • Where do I start?

This is a question that will make students scratch their head for almost an hour. They might have the ideas but just where do they begin?

  • What do I write about?

This question should help you dig a lot into your mind. The topic should give you a hint on what you need to write about.

  • How do I keep the momentum?

All this questions will help you begin your essay and know how to answer the question right. But you will reach nowhere if you don’t compose yourself to write a good essay.

How do you write an essay?

For you to write a good essay it’s all about discipline, comprehensive research and having the right strategy for your work. Discipline starts when you make time for essay writing. A good essay takes a good time to complete. Disciplining yourself to write everyday will enable you to finish in god time.

Using the right ideas too is the secret behind good essays. It is up to you to brainstorm over your essay topic and develop good ideas.

A good essay contains valuable information that is helpful to the readers. Readers have to get something new from the essay. Therefore a comprehensive research is required. Furthermore detailed research will give you new ideas and perhaps something that your readers do not know.

Getting started on how to write essays

The introduction

Your introduction should begin with a hook to catch the reader’s attention. Most introductions start with a question that your readers look forward to answering in the rest of the essay. These questions grab the readers mind creating a sense of curiosity .The most important thing that your introduction should contain is the thesis statement. it should base on the main ideas to discuss in your essay.

The body

This is the detailed element in an essay. It takes close to three paragraphs. Your first body paragraph should carry the main and strongest point. The next sentence should be the evidence and facts that support your topic sentence. Use transitional words that lead the writer to the next paragraph.

The next paragraph contains your second idea. Rewrite the second body paragraph thesis. The next sentence should prove your second point correct. Provide evidence using statistics and quotes.

The third body paragraph contains your last and third point. Restate your thesis and follow it with evidence.

The conclusion

This is the last paragraph in your essay. Here, you are required to restate your thesis. Give a summary of your points and finish with a recommendation or personal opinion.

The above is a guideline on how to write a good essay. Most students think of it as a challenge but when they take that pen and a piece of paper it becomes very simple.

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