Most popular essay types

January 02, 2014 - Posted to Essay types

Most Popular Essay Samples

The Choice of Essay

There are different types of essays that one can come up with in their writing. The various types of essays are used to express ideas and opinions in different ways. The type of essay that the writer chooses depends on what they would like to pass across, how they would like to convey the message and the mood of their writing. All these factors work together to help the writer express themselves in the most desirable way possible.

The Different Kinds

There are different kinds of essays that a writer can choose from, these include;

  • The bullying essay. This has come to one of the most popular kind of essay that students write. A lot of research has gone into trying to find out the art of bullying and its effect on students and therefore as way of sensitizing the public against the art of bullying, there has been a rising trend in writing this particular essay.
  • The reflection essay. This particular kind of writing is based on a mental picture of something the writer know and by reflecting on it, the writer is able to focus their writing on that particular thing. It can be based on a book, a film or picture of something that the author relates to. By keeping the mental picture in mind the writer comes up with this particular essay. Like any other journal that one can write, this particular essay involves jotting down the points of the event or picture.
  • The English essay. This is an essay based on the English language. It is what you find in most colleges and literature classes. It is normally based on the language and tests on the skills of the student is writing and coming up with the relevant points to their work.
  • The exploratory essay. This is an essay in which the writer tends to focus on a particular topic without necessarily backing up a particular claim of that thing or making a support on the thesis statement.  Therefore just as the word suggests it is an informative kind of writing that the writer expresses and makes the reader know of a particular thing.
  • The famous essays. This is a popular essay based on a particular popular subject or opinion. It is one that is based on what majority of people believe and their ideologies in keeping their belief arrive. It is therefore popular to a given audience.
  • The opinion essay. These are the kind of essays that one uses to express their ideas and thoughts over a particular subject or thing. They are based on ideologies that the writer has towards a particular topic or subject and their general feeling over it.
  • The research essay. This is one of the most common essays in campus. They involve carrying out a given research in a particular field and coming up with the various findings and recommendations of a particular subject.
  • The interview essay. This is a recording of events that would follow in an ordinary interview. It therefore records all the processes and conversations between the panel and the person being interviewed. It also highlights the key things to observe when conducting it.
  • The rhetorical essay. This is where the writer tells of a controversial discovery of an event or character and contrasts the event with the expected results to derive humor in the story. It is normally an informal kind of writing and that which captures the attention of the audience pretty fast.
  • The satirical essay. This where the reader tells of a negative opinion of something and completely shows or expresses their disgust on the same. It is therefore a negative kind of writing that is aimed at showing the ‘dark side’ of a particular thing.
  • The short essay. Just like the words suggests, it is a brief explanation of a particular thing or idea and in a summary kind of a format.
  • The Spanish essay. Like many other languages, this particular writing is bound by the grammar of the Spanish language and is clearly cut to express the ideas in that particular language.
  • The critique essay. This is an essay aimed at looking at the benefits and the various disadvantages of a particular thing and clearly expressing the details that pertain to it.