Narrative Essay Example

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Narrative Essay Example

The Test of Creativity

In any particular narrative essay example kind of writing, coming up with an original story line I crucial for the student. This is out of the challenge that being creative in crucial in coming up with the various writings. One of the writings that a student is really tested on their creativity and writing skills is the narrative writing. It is important for the student to come up with an exciting narration when it comes to writing any narrative essay examples. The student has to work on the ideas that the professors will only find their work attractive if the student is able to come up with the best narration story at the end of the day. It is how the student is able to bring out their ideas in relation to a particular writing that will surely count at the end of the day.

Capturing the Audience

A narration is normally based on a made story. The narrator captures the attention of the reader by ensuring that the reader gets to flow with the story right from the beginning to the end. This is important for any examples of narrative essays. The reader needs to know what the narrator is aiming at and through the suspense that the writer creates, the reader is captivated to read the story to the end. For personal narrative essay examples, the reader aims to see the visual expressions made by the narrator and how he brings about the various characters in the story. What this means is that the audience will more often than not be captivated to continue with a particular story line if and only if they perceive that the example narrative essay is captivating enough. Therefore the narrator has to work on how to keep the audience glued to following their story line at all the time of the narration and identify with them on the various descriptions and expressions made by the narrator.

Creating the Flow

This is the most basic element or skill in any example of a narrative essay. This is out of the fact that without a proper flow of thoughts and ideas in coming up with the narration, the author loses the suspense that keeps the audience captivated by the story, loses the meaning and focus of the story line. A proper flow of thoughts in the narration writing makes all the difference in driving the moral story home and making the story a memorable read. The author has to focus on what captures the reader and make it flow in a sequential manner. This is where the ideas flow from one scene of the story to another. The author sets the stage in which events flow chronologically and one scene is followed by the other. When it comes to the various examples of a narrative essay, every scene of the story must be linked to the other and every thought must work to complement the other.

The Moral of the Story

There is normally a key purpose in writing an example of a narrative essay. It is normally not just a story that the writer writes but also a point that he or she normally aims to pass across to the society. There is often a captivating story that keeps the reader enticed to read and identify with the characters in the story. Then there is the lesson that flows throughout the script as the writer opens a new page in the book, the writer gently guides the reader to the purpose of the narration and keeps them captivated to see what they would like them to see. Though the moral story could be summarized in a line, the narrator will definitely achieve this by the time they make their conclusive paragraph and sentence. It is out of this fact that makes narration writing quite an important piece of writing to any society. It is one way that the writer can creatively express themselves and passes a message that touches the society in a unique way, the fact that the writer normally choses to write a narration essay there is often a message that they wish to pass across to their audience. This is what makes the narrative essay examples quite interesting to read.

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