Reflection paper

March 03, 2014 - Posted to Essay types

When you want to sharpen your critical thinking skills, you can write a reflection essay that helps you do that. Our professional writers know how to deal with the essay challenges. They know the tricks that you can use to write your essays. They have written the steps that you can take before you start writing the essay in our website’s database. Your mind may be troubled with thoughts on how to write a reflection essay. They include the following:

  1. The Topic-You have to understand the topic or subject that you will reflect about before you start the essay. If you don’t take care of this vital step, you are going to lose track of your ideas. You may also fail to write anything that makes sense to you or your readers. The essay is like a journal where you can jot down your thoughts. The topic may be of a film, a book, an even or any other subject that interests you. Our website has a reflection paper format which you can follow as you write your essay.
  2. The Questions-Ask yourself questions that will help you write your paper. All the questions asked should be personal, and should help you to gain perspective on your essay. Don’t limit yourself to just these three questions though. Ask more questions that states your opinion. They include:-
  • What are my feelings about this topic?
  • How does it affect me and others?
  • If it doesn’t affect us, why?
  1. The Answers-When you have found the answers to your questions, you can list them. Afterwards you can form your thesis statement based on these points. If you are having trouble with forming your thesis, you can get help from our professional writers at
  2. Writing a reflection paper means that you expand each of your supporting ideas in the body of your essay. Include factual statements such as your observations. This gives substance to your reflections.
  3. Re-affirm your points-When you are through writing the body paragraphs, ask the personal questions again. This is to determine if you are trying to confirm your feelings about what you have written. It helps you to re-affirm your honesty when you are writing your essay. Your essay should state your true reflections. If you write anything that is untrue defeats the purpose of your essay. It is vital that you write down the process which you arrived at your insights. Make sure that your ideas don’t clash.

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