Reflective Essay Examples

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Reflective essays

A reflective essay is among the long list of types of essays that students are required to write. Writing of essays helps students improve in their skills. Not only do they need the skills at the school level but also in the future through certain writing a student is able to reflect him/herself through the paper. A reflect essay may take different forms. It might be based on statements of intent, response papers, and analytical papers, descriptive or expressive essays. Therefore a reflective essay allows students to explore different experiences there are no limitations.

 A reflective essay is one that a writer critically analyzes the experiences of why and how. For instance, an art student can write a reflective basing on how his/her choice of faculty has influenced the artwork. A student may also reflect on new experiences throughout the art classes. Finally a student may reflect on how the influence of art perspectives and ideas are manifested in his/her work.

A good reflective essay should be clear and concise. A well organized and structured reflective essay will grab you better grades. All the errors in your essay should be addressed in good time. This means you need to begin writing early. Do comprehensive researches as you draft your essay outline. Starting early will allow you to develop new ideas to include in your reflective essay. Besides that there is plenty room for changes and modification. Remember a reflective essay is not one-page writing. The earlier you begin the better.

When writing a reflective essay, previous examples make a big difference. Reflective essay examples help students structure their own perfect essays. Examples of reflective essays are structured to help students get all points that are required in a rubric.

A student may be assigned to write a reflective essay on his/her artwork experience, scientific among other fields. Here is a rubric that should guide one in writing a reflective of your artwork.

Focus, purpose and thesis

A thesis statement is the most important thing in your essay.

  • It should therefore be a sophisticated idea that relates to art work.
  • Give in-depth understanding of your ideas regarding the topic you choose.
  • The examiner should be able to tell the original content in your reflective essay.
  • Another thing that your examiner will check out for is the evidence of research.

Organization and structure

  • Evident and understandable.
  • Move from an idea to an idea-smooth flow.
  • An introduction that flows up to the conclusion.

Support and development

  • Use evidence to support your ideas.
  • Use examples to spice your evidence.
  • Use facts, statistics and quotations to develop your evidence.

Mechanics and presentation

  • Use sophisticated vocabulary and terminology
  • Get rid of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes
  • Sentence structure should be on point
  • Format and proofread

By following the above criteria, your essay could just be used as a reflection essay example by other students.

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