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How to score well in your SAT essay

Just like the continuous assessment tests the scholastic assessment test gives students a headache. SAT essays are written by students at the high school level. Students have continued to feel anguished by the fact that sat essays are mandatory. SAT essays contain broad philosophical topics. Its broad topics have made it hard for students to succeed .The worst thing that students have to face is the time limit. Unlike a term paper a SAT essay is written within 25 minutes. For good writers SAT essays become interesting and the fact that one only needs 25 minutes to get rid of it.

This essay takes 30% of the total writing section. It is given a score of 1-6 by two graders. The total mark students are graded is therefore get a score of 6 from one grader, one needs to be absolutely good. A student should be able to complete the sat essay within 25 minutes and everything in it observed. Many students at high school though have less speed in terms of essay writing. The other problem that students face while writing is the organization of ideas.

Steps to help one sore well in a SAT essay


Students will spend much time eating their nails thinking of what they will write in their essays. The reason why ideas do not come up is the pressure they have .the only thing on their mind is to get that paper done. They end up spending an hour. Brainstorming will get rid of time wasting. Find a quite place and think over the topic you are required to write. By giving it a deep thought one is able to put down ideas that were in the unconscious mind. Before you brainstormed you thought of it as unfamiliar topic but after the exercise your SAT essay is ready to be written. Since you have the ideas, you will not spend time thinking of what to write.

Make an outline

You have to give your teachers a good impression. A sat essay is easy to go through and mark. What makes I easy to mark sat essays? It is the good organizations that will help your grader navigate through your essay easily and within a few minutes. To improve your organization, make an outline. Your outline should contain the introduction, thesis statement, body and the conclusion paragraph. With a guide from an outline you will write your sat essay within a few minutes.

Use a variety of SAT essay examples

Pick SAT essay examples to use to write your own. The sample will give you ideas on how you should develop your own essay. A SAT essay example will help you develop your own exceptional essay to acquire the score of 6.Additionally make your essay stronger by using diverse illustrations.

Check your work carefully

Go through your work and check to see if everything is fine. Begin with the structure and organization of your essay. A good organization will make it easy for your grader to give you a 6.consdier your grammar and sentences. Do not let grammatical and spelling mistakes earn you a score of 3. With that you SAT is ready to be submitted. A variety of SAT essay examples are available online .The examples will help students write better SAT essays in schools.

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