Thesis Statement Examples

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Thesis statement

Essay writing advances from middle school up to the college. When in high school, few students knew what a thesis statement is. Essays at high school do not require much technicality and a thesis statement is one. Most of the students know the importance of a thesis statement while in college. It is therefore a must for a thesis statement to be in an essay .But what is a thesis statement? Maybe students include a thesis statement without their knowledge.

What is a thesis statement?

A thesis is a statement that contains the focus of your essay. A thesis should be broad to inform the readers of what you intend to write on. A thesis that is two or three sentences is very effective to your readers. While most of the writers think that a thesis is very important, they have to struggle to prove to the audience with their points. Not all essays however should have a thesis statement .Some work without and the readers just enjoy the essay up to the end. A thesis statement comes as the last sentence in your introduction paragraph.

A thesis statement helps a writer stay within the scope he/she intended to write. Having written you thesis in the first paragraph, your body paragraph should relate to the same statement. Students make a mistake when they write a good thesis statement but fail to focus on it in the next paragraphs. It is time that you focused within your scope and not digress to other irrelevant things. A thesis is supposed to guide you in your writing. Limit yourself to the ideas you presented in your thesis to avoid getting out of your specific scope.

A thesis statement should be flexible enough. In case we discover new information through the writing process, we should be able to rewrite o thesis statement to go hand in hand with the new information. It is not a crime to change a thesis several times. It should be flexible and allow for any changes to match with the content of the essay.

In writing your thesis, do not inform your readers that it is a thesis. Avoid phrases such as “the purpose of this paper is to …”this gives a poor impression to your readers. Most thesis essay examples do not begin with such phrases.

Thesis statement example

Christmas is an important season for Christians. We should be lucky to celebrate Christmas because it reminds us of the birth of Jesus, traditional culture and we get to spend time with our families.

Look out for more thesis statement examples for essays. They will help you to develop good thesis statements for your essays. With a good thesis statement you can effectively explain your points. A good thesis will also help you write within your scope.

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