Writing a book review

February 22, 2014 - Posted to Essay types

Aim of Professionalism

I know that you have come to agree in that the urge of you showing professionalism in dealing with your assignments is just too strong to be ignored in your writing. You need to prove and show that you are a candidate of promise to the professor in dealing with your assignment. This is where we as USessay.com come in. we are a team of professionals and geared to nothing less than giving you the ultimate professional treat in your assignments. We know where you zeal and urge in dealing with assignments such as the professional book reviews and we are geared to offering just that and leaving you a professional in the eyes of the professors. To make the effort in working on papers a professional experience the professionals here at USessay.com has come up with the guidelines you need to get the book review outline that meets all your desires in writing.

How to Write the Book Review

  1. Outline the essential information of the book. This is where you look at the author and briefly explain who he is and who is the publisher, the number of years the book has been in issue and possible the number of copies that have been sold. What the book entails and which edition it is.
  2. Write the author’s intention in writing the book. This is a critical element in writing a book review as it carries the objective of the work you are carrying out. Since this is an informative writing, focus on the author’s agenda and in a few and clear words outline the core purpose of the author in delivering the master piece of the book.
  3. State the theme and the thesis of the book that the writer is aiming to achieve. When you come to us at USessay.com we help you know how to write a book review by helping you go through the various themes and thesis of the various authors in various writings. We ask you to note whether you can tell the difference between and how you can effectively gain experience in writing the book reviews.  The theme carries the topic or the main idea or subject of the book and in most books the author does not express it in a full sentence while the thesis is the overall generalization of the book which carries the topic, the theme and the opinions of the author in the book.
  4. Explain which method the author uses to drive the thesis of the book. There are various ways in which authors use to express themselves. In the non fiction book reviews, the author often uses the descriptive or expository method of expressing him or herself. While in the fiction reviews they often use the narration where there is a tory line that the author uses that the reader has to deduct the possible moral story or theme that the author wishes to focus on at the end of the narration.

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